How to Keep the Spark Alive During Self-Isolation

Having a relationship is extremely important. Weather it is a romantic relationship or a platonic friendship. When you build a relationship with someone else it teaches you the ability to love and care for someone else, as well as your own. You learn good social skills, family skills, how to share etc. Now with the Coronavirus all restaurants are closing and people are going into self-isolation. How can one possibly have a healthy loving relationship or friendship during a time like this? Here are ways to keep your loved ones close during the Quarantine.

  1. FaceTime. Get your iPad, iPhone out or whatever you have and Facetime. FaceTime or any form of video chat is excellent because it feels like your significant other is right in front of you. You can be in other countries but Video Chatting each other or Face-Timing each other makes you feel that you are right next to each other.
  2. Make it a commitment that the both of you speak to each other every night. Compliment each other, talk about shared memories, inside jokes, talk about goals that you both would like to achieve once the Coronavirus ends.

3. Send each other cute romantic text to each other. Always let each other know how much you love each other. Couples that let each other know how much they love and appreciate each other have a much strong relationship than those who do not.

4. Social media apps like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram are great because you could still talked to your loved ones everyday. You could see what they are posting or vice versa. You could also private message each other. Sometimes during conversations over Snapchat or private messaging the conversation can go all day, so it feels like the person is sitting right next to you.

Most importantly try to have a balanced attitude. Physical touch is an extremely important part of a relationship. Spending quality time with the person that you love is even more important. As much as it is a turbulent time now ride the wave you will be with your loved one again. Hang in there. In the mean time wash your hands, stay indoors, wear gloves when you go out and use hand sanitizer. Stay safe everyone!

Photo by L N on Unsplash