Why is it Important to Choose a Partner who is Good for Your Mental Health?

In 2020, many people have a different outlook on relationships as they did years ago. While some people are in relationships and married in their 30’s, not all are. That is totally acceptable. Some are concentrating on their careers, and others who have been through traumatic experiences just want to be single. There are even some who are young and are enjoying the whole friends with benefits scene.

About the friends with benefits scene, while it may make us feel good- how does it effect us in the long run?

I know what your thinking. Your in your 20’s. Your not looking for a relationship. It seems like the perfect solution. However, while it is all fun and games, it can get complicated.

You meet someone. You both are attracted to each other. You hook up. The sex is great. It’s been happening a lot. At first is nothing but just sex. Both of you just tell your friends it is nothing. You are just having fun. Then, all of a sudden you start to wonder what it would be like if you were to actually date this person or vice versa? When out of the blue one of you starts dating someone else. How do you feel? How does the other person feel? It does not end well does it.

Eventually, you do move on but you will still have that whole situation in your head for a long time. You will be wondering if every guy you meet wants you for sex only. Even when you do meet a guy who is a perfect gentlemen, you will still be holding onto the pain from that experience.

People will tell you to move on and that it was just a hook up. However, you were used and abused. Someone else came along and they were treated better and that hurt. That pain can take a long time to go away. Eventually, it does. The pain does get easier and you do heal.

If you choose the wrong partner you will develop issues you will constantly be anxious, depressed, you will be angry and you won’t be the happy person you once were. Choosing the wrong person can take a toll on your mental health as well as your physical health. You cannot concentrate on anything but the hurt of how they are treating you.

So what I am saying is choose someone who is good for your mental health. So many women today go after the bad boys. It will only hurt you in the long run. It will only lead you with pain and anger that when you do meet Mr. Right you won’t even believe he is a nice guy. Go after the guy that is nice and smart and shy and quiet. Choose someone that respects you and want to take you home to meet his mom and is not ashamed to be seen with you. Do not go after looks alone or lust or money and power.

Love is an amazing thing. So many people confuse lust and love. While lust feels good for the moment. It is a temporary thing. It is love however, that conquers all!

Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash